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K9 Solutions Boarding Policies

Check In/Out

Dogs can be dropped off or picked up between 8AM and 10AM or between 6PM and 7PM


We would like you to bring your pet's regular food from home for feeding.  As we feed pets twice per day, please separate your pet's normal daily allotment into two meals.  Please use individual Ziploc baggies to separate your pet's feeding portions.  If your pet is fed canned food please put a label on each can with the appropriate feeding information.  If your pet eats less than one can at each feeding please bring a lid to seal your pet food can.  (Please let us know if your food must be refrigerated.)


Medication administration is provided at no additional charge during your pet's stay at the resort.  All medication must be provided at check-in and administration procedure must be documented  in writing prior to your departure.  Please bring a list of all medications and dosage information.  Additionally we request that you bring with you sufficient medication for at least two additional days' stay.  In the event your return is delayed, your pet will still be safe and healthy when you return


Proof of current vaccinations is required for ALL PETS that board at K9 Solutions Center.  All vaccines must be administered at least 48 hours prior to check-in by a licensed veterinarian.  K9 Solutions Center must receive written proof from a licensed veterinarian, documenting that the pet has received the required vaccinations and they were administered within the approved listed time frames.  We apologize in advance for any inconvenience, but due to concerns for human and animal safety, we are not able to make exceptions to the stated requirements.


Required Vaccinations

Boarding Contract

Medication Information Form

Boarding Drop Off / Pick Up

Sunday - Saturday

             Drop Off/ Pickup Times are between 8AM and 10AM or 6PM to 7PM

             Dogs can be dropped off or picked up at during either of the above time slots.

If you are unable to drop off or pick-up during these times, a more convenient time can be chosen for an additional fee of $25

Christmas Eve - NO pickup after 6PM

Christmas Day - NO drop off or pickup

Easter - NO drop off or pickup

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