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About Us

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Our Story

Scott and Tara Holliday have had working dogs since the mid 1990's and have helped many people train tracking dogs.  In 2014 we decided that we wanted to work in the obedience field.  We had gotten a search and rescue dog from our sister company in Ohio and talked with Jeff Turner about starting our own business.  After several years of training with Jeff we decided we were going to open our own business in 2018.  We now train all types of dogs in obedience, man tracking, shed antler tracking and blood tracking.  We are certified balanced trainers.  Our style of training utilizes positive, motivational base methods which are proven to work in the canine world.  We enjoy teaching people how to train their dogs and we believe that each person should be their "own" trainer.

We Look Forward to Hearing From You!!!

5656 New Germany Rd

Grantsville, MD  21536

Tel: 301-895-8198

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